Business owners & All you can eat buffet’s

Business owners & All you can eat buffet’s

Why working for yourself is a bit like an all you can eat breakfast buffet.


So bear with me here I’m not obsessed with food (well unless it’s cake!).

I honestly believe that being in business can be a bit like an all you can eat breakfast Buffet.


The thing is when you set up your business you plan and dream and hope and work your fingers to the bone behind the scenes until you’re finally ready for launch.

You know who your super customer/tribe (insert hip euphemism for client here) is going to be and you’ve targeted all your products, services and marketing at them. And then …… nothing, nada, is like you’re early for the hotel breakfast and there’s nothing doing yet. You’re gonna have to wait and be patient until that brekkie comes along. So you sit and you wait and you think about how hungry you are and how you just want to get on with your day. Well that’s just like many businesses. We focus too much on getting setup and not on making connections at the same time so that we already know exactly who our tribe are and what they actually need and want. It’s the same with that darn Buffett, if we had connected with the hotel staff we would have known when to come and what was on offer.  

The flip side of the Buffett is the feast!

So you’ve turned up on time everything is laid out and there are so many choices! Do I go straight for the full English, or do I have tea and toast first, do I go continental or just try and cram as much in a possible to get my monies worth? This is like business, you’ve finally connected with your tribe and business is booming, you’ve working/making sales left, right and centre and life is good. It’s great, in fact you’ve got so much business you could do with another pair of hands. Everything else like your social media, marketing, planning future launches etc. takes a back seat because your making money honey and that’s what it’s all about.  

But hang on a minute, enquiries and website clicks are starting to dry up just like those 2hr old baked beans.

It’s like you’re nearing the end of service and everything is being cleared away but darn you’re still wanting some of those sweet looking croissants and a cappuccino to finish off but it’s too late. Service is over and there’s nothing left. Well you’ve guessed it, that’s what happens when you’re so wrapped up IN your business that you either forget or just don’t make time to work ON your business. Those pics you took of that great product in development but never pushed out to your social media followers, that landing page you never got back to your developer about, those networking events you ditched because you were too tired to go out that night and all those conversations/ client follow ups you avoided because you had to get that bit of work finished. Those my dear have temporarily ended service and now your once healthy looking business is in famine mode until service comes around again.  

There is however another way.

You pop your head up before those croissants are taken away and get yourself a couple and a coffee too. You could fill your social media scheduler up with relevant content whilst relaxing one evening. When you’re having your snatched lunch you schedule an email in your software to those who have bought from you asking if everything was OK? Can you help in any other way? Could they give you a brief testimonial for your website? You knock up a quick blog to post on your site. You see what networking meetings you have and pick the ones you enjoy and are most likely to have meaningful conversations at.  

Or you sit back and say to yourself I can’t manage everything and make a list of what you don’t enjoy or never get done and you enlist the help of a Digital Growth Expert who can get it done for you whilst you get on with the stuff you enjoy.

  Choose life, choose a helping hand!   Sky Blue Pink Digital is a Digital Growth Consultancy and provides various digital services such as web design, digital marketing and social media management in the B2B sector. /
House design = Web design

House design = Web design

Why designing a website is (a bit) like building a new home.


It may seem like a bit of a crazy analogy to start with, but when you get into the nitty gritty of web design it really is much the same.


1 – The Design

So you want a new house, well you definitely going to need to get yourself an architect. Someone who’s going to design your new home to your specifications. Well guess what? That’s exactly what your web designer is going to also. The foundation of a good website is obviously going to hinge on the design.


2 – The Foundations

Next you’ve got to get your foundations laid. So your builder has sourced all the materials they need and starts work on the first stage of the build. Yep, you’ve guessed it that exactly what your developer is now going to do. So you need a domain name (plot of land), and hosting (that’s your utility supplies) and now they start on the structure of the site (foundations).


3 – The Build

Next your builder starts building your house proper, the walls, floors, rooms etc. That’s what next for your site. The pages are constructed, sections built and your site is looking well … like a website.


4 – The Finish

Your new home is built, hurrah! But hang on there’s no fixtures or fittings, no décor, no knick knacks. Dash, we need the decorators in stat. So this is where your branding colours, logo’s, pictures, copy and opt in’s etc are added. Yay! But hold on no one knows about you. Yet.


5 – The House warming

So the house is finished, woop! Now you’ve got to tell the council, the postman, the doctors and every other Tom, Dick and Harry that needs to know. Well that’s also where SEO gets added to your site. We add relevant key words to your site (a bit like your address) and we tell Auntie Google you’re open for business! Then you go and tell everyone you know (and Tom, Dick & Harry) about your shiny new website and invite them to come on over for a looky loo. Did someone say housewarming?


Sky Blue Pink Digital is a Digital Growth Consultancy and provides various digital services such as web design, digital marketing and social media management in the B2B sector. /

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