Why us?


Sky Blue Pink was born from the desire to help you get online with grace and ease. I want you to feel confident in how you present your business online and help tame any tech fears you may have.

01. Strategic

I believe you need a plan to achieve your goals. My desire is to help you define and implement your plan. I do this by helping you to see the big picture and how all of the elements of your digital plan fit together.

02. Professional

I offer a full range of solutions to meet your needs. I’m always learning, adapting and changing based on personal experience, industry standards and client expectations.

03. Loyal

When you work with me you can expect to be welcomed like a long lost friend. I don’t want to be a transactional business. My deepest desire is to create a community of like minded people and foster long term relationships.


What I Do Best

Web Design

Simple, eye catching & responsive sites to represent your brand. Your on brand shop window will attract your ideal clients.

Email Marketing

Connecting and fostering real relationships in an online world. Your future clients need to know, like & trust your business.

Who Am I?

An Entrepreneur at Heart

Penny Redman

I’m a grafter! I started working at a young age by doing extra jobs around the home. By the time I was 16 I had 3 jobs every school holiday! I also worked various jobs to help put myself through Uni and love trying new things.

After having my daughter I took a break from my career in corporate banking to just enjoy being Mum for a few years. When she started school I decided not to go back to corporate as I wanted to have the freedom to work & live life around term time!

I used my knowledge to set up my own business in 2014. This has evolved greatly over the last few years after multiple CPD courses and hundreds of hours of training in Business Management, Web Design, Email Marekting, Social Media Management and Digital Marketing to mention a few!

I’m passionate about giving business owners the confidence to step into the online arena not only through their Website and Email Marketing but by looking at their online presence as a whole.

My biggest compliment to date has been being called a Digital Goddess by one of my awesome clients. I’ll happily take that!

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