5 Top tips to detox your inbox

5 Top tips to detox your inbox

5 top tips to detox your inbox and reach email heaven

Here’s hoping you will have the slickest inbox in town after implementing my top tips.

Step 1 -Use folders

It might sound obvious but something as simple setting up a folder for each of your clients/ suppliers etc. will make a large dent in that inbox chaos. By creating a folder and then moving all of the related emails into that folder you will have all of your related correspondence in one place and in date order. So next time you need that email from Tom, Dick or Harriet you know where to look.

Step 2 – Unsubscribe

I bet you have a large amount of spam or sales emails coming through on a daily basis. The simplest way to detox these annoying and time sucking emails is to hit unsubscribe!

This is a two-stage process.

Firstly, go through your inbox and open any of the offenders you can find. At the bottom of each email there should be an unsubscribe button. Click on it and it will take you to a page where you can either unsubscribe or change your options.

If your inbox is really over flowing do this step in 5 minute intervals over a couple of days so that you don’t get overloaded.

Next, every time a new sales email hits that inbox unsubscribe immediately. Over the course of a few weeks your inbox will be looking a lot slimmer.


Step 3 -Use an out of office auto responder

If you know that you are going to be away from your desk for the day and don’t want to be checking your email every 5 minutes, then set up an out of office message. It lets your clients, prospects and stakeholders know that their email has been received and will be actioned upon your return.


Step 4 -Flag it up

Another very simple tip but if you have multiple emails that must be actioned then hit the flag button. This is a great visual reminder that something needs attention, whether it’s something that you need to respond to or you are waiting for information on.


Step 5 -Separate business and pleasure

It might sound counterintuitive but having more email addresses will actually make you feel more in control. Think about it, if you had a separate email address for work and another for personal stuff you can take control of when you work.

By setting up multiple addresses you decide what to look at and when. On holiday and don’t want to be disturbed? Then simply avoid checking the work email address.

Don’t want funny cat videos sent to your work email address by family and friends, then simply give them your personal one.


Bonus – Step 6

It’s going to sound even crazier but I sincerely urge you to set up a 3rd email address. Before you cry no I can’t handle it, think about this. What would happen if every time you signed up for a blog or opened a new account with a service provider you used this magic third account.

I’ll tell you what, all of that information that you wanted but might not need to look at immediately will be stored safe and sound ready for when you choose to access it.


Hey presto if you implement these 6 steps you are going to have the tidiest inbox in town.

What’s next on this detoxing journey?

Have a look at the services we offer. If all the tips sound great but there’s just way too many emails sitting there bloating your inbox I can do the detox for you and get you on your way to inbox nirvana.


Until next time

Penny x


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