5 Top Tips to Admin Heaven

5 Top Tips to Admin Heaven

A5 tips to admin heaven

So you’ve either finally got your fabby business off the starting block or are well underway in the business race. Businesses is booming and you’re working left right and centre.

However, you’re spending so much time working IN your business that you never get the chance to work ON your business.

It’s come to the point when you are in constant Do’er mode and the CEO hat, well that’s in a dusty pile along with the marketing and accounts one!

You need help and you need it stat.


Here’s my tops tips to take back control and start working in the board room again instead of constantly in the warehouse.

1 – Meditate

Seriously! You need to get out of your own head every now and then. By taking ten minutes or so a day to empty your mind you will feel more in control, centred and ready to face to rigors of the day.

Personally I use an app called Calm. I love it because I can it to do guided mediation, listen to music and have a sleep story if needed (I’ve never got to the end one they’re that good).

2- Sort your Inbox out!

I’d be shocked if there wasn’t a ton of emails sat in your inbox in various states of action. Use folders for each client/project etc. Use filters to have them skip the inbox and go straight into the relevant folder to be read/actioned when needed. Have more than one email address. Sounds counter intuitive right? Well I’ll let you into a secret, I have 4. One for personal stuff, one for business, one for sign ups, freebies etc and one for my website and marketing materials. Makes life so much easier. I use Gmail as I love the fact that I pause my inbox with the boomerang extension for chrome.

3- Get yourself a task management system.

This is where you can keep track of all your ongoing work and projects. You can add team members, send emails and attachments to it and have all of the information needed straight to hand. I like Teamwork, Asana and Trello.

4-Use a cloud based server

Use this to keep documents that you need easy access to when you’re out and about. You can grant access to it for your team members and work on documents together. There are lots to choose from depending on your needs and price point.

5- Get yourself a few extra hours a week

I’m obviously a bit biased here but if you’re a solopreneur or a small business that needs a few extra hours in the day then get some help. Find a Virtual Assistant you can trust and you will be able to hand over countless tasks and have the time to put that CEO hat on again. There are all kinds out there, some who are general pa’s/administrators, some who do accounts and some like me who specialise in Web Design, Social Media and Techie stuff.


I hope you’ve found this helpful and that it’s given you a couple of tips that you may not have thought about.


Until next time.


Penny x


Choose life, choose a helping hand!


Sky Blue Pink Digital is a Digital Growth Consultancy and provides various digital services such as web design, Technical Virtual Assistant services, digital marketing and social media management in the B2B sector. www.skybluepinkdigital.com / hello@skybluepinkdigital.com

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