House design = Web design

House design = Web design

Why designing a website is (a bit) like building a new home.


It may seem like a bit of a crazy analogy to start with, but when you get into the nitty gritty of web design it really is much the same.


1 – The Design

So you want a new house, well you definitely going to need to get yourself an architect. Someone who’s going to design your new home to your specifications. Well guess what? That’s exactly what your web designer is going to also. The foundation of a good website is obviously going to hinge on the design.


2 – The Foundations

Next you’ve got to get your foundations laid. So your builder has sourced all the materials they need and starts work on the first stage of the build. Yep, you’ve guessed it that exactly what your developer is now going to do. So you need a domain name (plot of land), and hosting (that’s your utility supplies) and now they start on the structure of the site (foundations).


3 – The Build

Next your builder starts building your house proper, the walls, floors, rooms etc. That’s what next for your site. The pages are constructed, sections built and your site is looking well … like a website.


4 – The Finish

Your new home is built, hurrah! But hang on there’s no fixtures or fittings, no décor, no knick knacks. Dash, we need the decorators in stat. So this is where your branding colours, logo’s, pictures, copy and opt in’s etc are added. Yay! But hold on no one knows about you. Yet.


5 – The House warming

So the house is finished, woop! Now you’ve got to tell the council, the postman, the doctors and every other Tom, Dick and Harry that needs to know. Well that’s also where SEO gets added to your site. We add relevant key words to your site (a bit like your address) and we tell Auntie Google you’re open for business! Then you go and tell everyone you know (and Tom, Dick & Harry) about your shiny new website and invite them to come on over for a looky loo. Did someone say housewarming?


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